Weekends at TAG - 13th March Saturday, 2021



Dear visitors of TAG, your safety and well-being remain our priority. In line with Covid-19 Safe Management Measures, we have made significant changes to our operations and seek your cooperation to adhere to our latest protocol. Thank you for kind patience and understanding.

We have TWO ticket types; Explore and Programme tickets.
1. Explore tickets allow you to access our *new* DEEP SEA exhibition within specific time slots on weekdays and weekends. To do so, you need to pre-book a group ticket (admits up to 5 pax) for a refundable deposit of $15.
To learn more, please read the ARTS SPACE EXPLORATION ONLY under Terms and Conditions below.

2. Programme* tickets allows you to purchase tickets for each member of your group in our WhiteBox.
All programmes are parent-accompanied unless mentioned otherwise.
To learn more, please read the PROGRAMME ONLY under Terms and Conditions below.

If you wish to access both spaces, please book for a Programme ticket as well as an Explore ticket during the relevant time slots.

Deep Sea exhibition

Deep Sea by Wu Yanrong explores the lesser known part of the ocean where there is little food and oxygen, high pressure and no sunlight. This arts space commissioned by The Artground takes families into the deep underwater to imagine what it could be like. Similar to the deep sea, this arts space revolves around a whale carcass which is crucial for creating long-lasting ecosystems.

This immersive experience is dimly lit and further enhanced with hints of blues. Coupled with specially composed atmospheric tunes, families will be transported to the imaginary deep waters. Designed for children’s active exploration and to create a unique experience, everyone is encouraged to wander and wonder.


10.30am - 11am
Hats off to you! by Harng
Recommended for 3 years and up

An art and craft workshop to express your creativity and create your very own bucket hat using fabric scraps.

4.30pm - 5pm
Rolly Fishy by Art Away Studio
Recommended for 3 years and up
A fun art and craft workshop for the little ones! Help the fishes fill up their tanks by rolling marbles dipped in paint on paper!

What does operating in Phase 3 mean for TAG

  • The Artground (TAG) will be operating at a reduced capacity, with specific time slots to pre-book for a slot.
  • All visitors must have a valid ticket for entry. Babies in arms will be counted as 1 pax.
  • Non-slip grip socks are mandatory for everyone (except pre-walking babies). Socks will be available for sale for those who do not have them.
  • The centre will be closed for intervals between the sessions for cleaning and sanitation.
  • Walk-ins will not be allowed.
  • All children must be parent/carer accompanied into The Artground.
  • We are introducing zones within our premises in order to adhere to the current SMMs. While phase 3 has allowed social groups of up to 8, it is recommended that our current exhibition space and layout can take up to 5 pax in each designated zone. If you would like to find out more about bringing more than 5 pax in your group, please contact info@theartground.com.sg
Five Steps to enter TAG
1. Wait for your entire party to arrive.
2. Use SafeEntry to check in and have your temperature taken by TAG staff.
3. Ensure you have your masks and non-slip grip socks on.
4. Show your tickets on your Peatix App.
5. Sign into your TAG account. If you do not already have a free TAG account, please register HERE for ease of entry onsite.

Further details about our Safe Management Measures are available here.

Terms and Conditions
Arts Space Exploration Only (Refundable Deposit) - Suitable for birth to 9 years
  • This group Explore ticket admits a group of up to 5 pax only. Within the arts space, you will be advised to stay with your group and zones/stations, and there should be no intermingling between the groups.
  • Each group will be given unique coloured TAG snap bands to wear to aid in the distinction of intermingling.
  • Admission into The Artground’s arts space is free, with a refundable deposit of $15 per group booking collected upon booking on Peatix. This deposit will be refunded 24 hours after your visit (standard Credit Card refund terms apply).
  • In the event of no-show, the deposit will be forfeited.
  • To redeem your refund, please make sure you verify your ticket at our reception.
  • If you would like to cancel your slot and have your deposit refunded, please let us know 3 working days in advance so that another parent can book for the slot. Unfortunately, less than 3 days notice will result in a forfeit.
Programme Only (Chargeable) – 30 mins and Age Specified
  • This Programme ticket gives you access to a 30-min scheduled arts programme only.
  • This class of ticket is chargeable, with babies in arms counted as one pax.
  • Please ensure that you book your ticket according to the number of pax in your party.
  • Our current seating layout allows only 8 groups into the WhiteBox, which can seat 2 to 4 pax per group. If you wish to sit with your friends, please help us to maximise our operational capacity by booking in groups of up to 4, where applicable.
  • Masks are strongly recommended for children 6 years and below, and mandatory for adults and children 6 years and above.
  • Please arrive 10 mins before the programme starts as latecomers will be denied entry into the programme.
  • Each arts programme is age specific and The Artground reserves the right to refuse entry to children who are not within the stipulated age group even if you have purchased a ticket. No refunds will be issued.
  • Children below the ages of 6 must be accompanied by at least one adult into the arts programmes.
  • For art and craft workshops, art materials will be provided for participating children only.
  • Tickets available are for 2 pax, 3 pax and 4 pax. Please book your tickets carefully.
  • Programme tickets are non-refundable.

The Artground will be closed on 20th March for a private event.
Sat Mar 13, 2021
9:30 AM - 5:00 PM SGT
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9.30-11.30am: Explore DEEP SEA (Admits 2 - 5 Pax) [Refundable Deposit] SOLD OUT $15.00
10.30-11am: Programme HATS OFF TO YOU! (Admits 2 Pax) SOLD OUT $16.00
10.30-11am: Programme HATS OFF TO YOU! (Admits 3 Pax) SOLD OUT $24.00
10.30 to 11am: Programme HATS OFF TO YOU! (Admits 4 Pax) SOLD OUT $30.00
12.45 to 2.45pm: Explore DEEP SEA (Admits 2 - 5 Pax) [Refundable Deposit] SOLD OUT $15.00
3.30 to 5.30pm: Explore DEEP SEA (Admits 2 - 5 Pax) [Refundable Deposit] SOLD OUT $15.00
4.30 to 5pm: Programme ROLLY FISHY (Admits 2 Pax) SOLD OUT $16.00
4.30 to 5pm: Programme ROLLY FISHY (Admits 3 Pax) SOLD OUT $24.00
4.30 to 5pm: Programme ROLLY FISHY (Admits 4 Pax) SOLD OUT $30.00
Venue Address
90 Goodman Road, #01-40 BLK J Singapore
The Artground

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